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Bride and groom collage

Elopements with Riley Keck Photography

Just imagine - you’re in nature, in the most extraordinary mountains or surrounded by luscious green fields and calming evergreens. Your hair and makeup are done; you’re in your wedding dress. The excitement begins to bubble up inside you. You look to your right, and your lifelong partner is next to you, ready to take on the world. You feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach even more. 


This. Is. It.



It’s time to marry your best friend - the one who loves you unconditionally - in the most beautiful, magical scenery. Your lifelong adventure with your partner is finally beginning.

Tamrah _ Joel

A photograph is like a pause button in life. You’ll be able to look back at your elopement photos and remember just how incredible that day was. You’ll be able to describe to your future children how you and your partner said, ‘I do’ in your own unique way.

I'll help you plan, arrange travel, and document your adventure. I'm here to support you, wherever love takes you! Let's create photos that are authentic to you and your adventure wedding. 


Elopements Begin at: $3500 - including travel

Weddings Begin at: $1800

Average Investment: $2500

Contact me here for full pricing

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